Why Choose Us



Jessica Newell – Creative Director and Founder

A Dancers’ Dream Tour was created in 2014 when I realised the lack of help to assist dancers and artists to America to pursue their dreams. Not only is it hard enough to move to America with

Visa information, proof of sponsorship and the amount of money you have to put in, but to move without any knowledge is daunting and somewhat hard. This is where I decided to create ADDT. With my passion and inspiration, I strive to help dancers and artists create their own path and journey.

"If I had this opportunity, it would have made my life a whole lot easier."

I lived in Los Angeles for 6 years modelling, dancing and acting. I went through 3 different visas and learnt first and fourth most hard brutal and amazing the industry can be. Although I loved my whole journey, I still feel years were wasted trying to figure it all out. As I believe every artist does. 

However, if I can share my knowledge with dancers and artists of today, I believe they will save years of their own life chasing and experimenting things that maybe don’t need to be experimented with. This company is now my first focus. In everyday life I strive to inspire kids. I teach 5 days a week and I work so hard on finding my students individual talents. 

Whether you are in the arts for FUN or if you strive to make it a career, I will be there to assist and guide you to make it one to remember” 

Kylie Jones - Travel Expert

"My desire to discover the world was realised when I moved to London at 21 yrs old. I spent the next four years living in London and taking advantage of every opportunity to see the world. An eight-week holiday in Africa evolved into the most amazing job as I spent the next year working as a Tour Leader, leading overland safaris and travelling extensively through Africa. 

After over five years living and working overseas, I returned to Australia and commenced working as a Travel Consultant. Growing up, dancing was a big part of my life, I started ballet classes at 4 years old and I have great memories of dancing throughout my school years. Especially jazz in the 80’s and 90’s! My love for dancing continues and I’m very thankful my daughter shares the same passion. 

Mia commenced ballet at 2yrs and has continued to dance for 11 years across all genres and we both love the path that dancing is leading on. Working with Jessica and A Dancers' Dream Tours’ is such a rewarding opportunity. It is the perfect combination of my experience in travel, as a tour leader and my love for dancing. 

With Jessica’s specialist industry knowledge and hands on experience, each tour itinerary is individually created, and tailor made. You can be guaranteed there is no standard, cookie cutter tours and each one is carefully planned and coordinated to ensure a smooth, stress free holiday and the ultimate dancing experience."