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Dancers and Performers

'ADDT took me out of my comfort zone'

ADDT took me out of my comfort zone to do something I thought would never happen. I always dreamed of dancing in America and ADDT provided one amazing trip I will remember forever! Thankyou

'So many Amazing new memories'

We LOVED the tour and the people who came. So many amazing new memories that we will treasure forever. Would do it all again in a heartbeat! Thankyou ADDT!

'The Whole Experience... WOW'

The Whole Experience, I only ever dreamed of going to the U.S.A! Thankyou Jessica

'An Incredible eye opening experience'

An incredible eye opening experience, if dancing is something you're passionate in then this is a tour you should do. It takes you to the top dance studios in the world where you select classes to do that definitely challenge you but also improve you a lot. You learn from amazing choreographers who have worked with numerous celebrities and get a feel of a completely different style that you may not of done before. Not only that but you get to do all the tourist things you need to do in America, broadway shows, Statue of Liberty etc. Although majority is planned there is still a lot of free time to be able to visit places and see the sights you wish to see. Jessica organised everything so well and made you feel safe and relaxed about being so far from home, you couldn't find a better tour guide to go with.

'It made me a more confident dancer!'

This was the most amazing dance tour! It made me a more confident person and showed me what it's like to be a part of the dance industry in a different country. I made the best of friends and the best memories that i will remember forever!