Benefits of ADDT



1. Confidence

2. Team building

3. Experience and growth

4. Life skills

5. Improved Performance and Techniques

6. Clear vision of future goals

7. Motivation and inspiration

8. Highlight of your life

Why is ADDT different to other tour companies?

Importance of Training
We believe it’s important to continue training no matter the age or ability.

On our tours we like to suggest taking a variety of open classes to better the individuals training.

Unlike other tours, where dancers and artists get one or two master classes for a whole tour. We believe if you are travelling the whole way their you might as well make the most of it and learn from the BEST in the world.

Open Dance Class Schedule

We allow are students to choose their own classes whilst in America. We give guidance and reassurance in choosing the best classes the suit the dancers goals. ADDT staff are still current in knowing the working with GREAT choreographer and teachers in both LA and NYC.

This is super important to ADDT to have good instructors. The last thing you want is to travel to the best place for the arts and be given a teacher/ choreographer who doesn’t care or is not a working professional. (please note dancers aged 7-11 have limited classes to choose from) 

Local Australian Company

ADDT do not wish to venture and create a world-wide company. This allows us to be close with our Australian and New Zealand clients. We love to support local events around Australia and New Zealand, and we hope they can support us, in making our journey one to continue and share. 

24/7 Guide

Although a 24/7 tour guide is not compulsory, it is recommended. We would love our studio owners and teachers to sit back relax and enjoy themselves also. The only way to do this is to have someone run your whole tour. Our tour guides will be there for you from the start to finish!

They give everyone guidance and reassurance when needed. (Please note this is not compulsory, so if you are the studio owner or teacher who prefers to have control, we will not step in your shoes but provide you with every bit of information you need to run your tour) J 

Tour guides and staff that know the industry.

All our staff and tour guides have been in or are currently in the industry. Therefore, we know what